jueves, 16 de noviembre de 2017

Wordsearch & SSEHC

Hi everyone,

Here we are again with a new challenge.

As I did last week I have two of them and this is the first option:

By the way I DO love chess, but I like many more things such as food (and baking my own chessboard) Arts and crafts, Reading, Maths…

I have been talking to my good friend Profesor Leo; and he gave me one idea to challenge your wonderful minds.

Do you remember how to move the Knight? You can check it out in this link.

Well now move the Knight from A-1 position and using the move of the knight until you reach 8 different squares. Write down every letter you get to the eightth square, and then write down the word you got and send it to me.

Here you are the chess board:

  •  It has relationship with CHESS.
  • Try to make 8 movements (the initial position is the first letter) and from that 7 more.
Here you are some examples:

Now you have to move to other square but choosing correctly the right options.

Can you send me the solution? (don't forget your nickname, name+surname, school and course)

This week is just a word.

The second challenge:

Next activity deals with “SSEHC”

What is it?

UUUUPS!! I am sorry, read it backwards.

Just kidding!! Well the idea is to play chess incorrectly.

UUUUUHHHH!!! Profesor Jake is nuts.

Teacher professor Jake does not want I learn to play Chess! BOOOOH!!!!

Don’t you worry and keep reading. The idea is to play Chess against other person but trying to lose all the time. I mean you move your pieces as usual but when one of the pieces of your opponent can capture yours (and you realize of that) she/he has to capture it, even the king. The winner is going to be the loser.  When you lose all your pieces you are going to be the winner.

Trust me! It is a very funny way of playing chess... and maybe you can beat a grown up.

Now you can tell me how do you feel playing like this. It is not necessary to record the game in a video but just tell me the main differences.

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