jueves, 26 de marzo de 2020

The 11th During the Enclosure

Hi everybody
This is our wish from all our friends and collaborators at the Explora Project:

This has been a completely mess but we're stronger enough to get along with it

In this Activity we were thinking about saying you see you after easter holidays but... sadly we don't know what's going to happen.

In the meanwhile I am going to suggest you a wide range of activities and some learning and entertainment.

First of all my good friend Eva S谩nchez saw my story about the "Kiss of Death" (Remember Activity 8th) and she made another version. I liked it a lot, you will tell me whats do you think. (It is in Spanish, Eva draws like an angel but she doesn't speak English)馃槣

More things, a teacher from Logro帽o (Agustinas) posted a map of all the activities in Explora with its map, thank you Julen Vazquez (press here) to see it.

And the Challenges for these weeks are:

Challenge #1 Have you seen the story, the previous one in English has been created for explaining a Checkmate very common but my friend Eva... This challenge has been inspired by my good friend Profesora Feli:
Change the story
All we live in a very strange situation, the story was a little sad so... Why don't you write something, English or Spanish to change the story, or the situation.
Be creative
And send it to me, the best will be posted on the blog and I'll ask Eva if she is inspired to draw something magic, as she usually does (I cannot promise anything but I'll try)

Challenge #2 I don't forget that this is about Chess, I do love Chess and I know you too so there you are a couple of diagrams to solve.
 In this diagram you have to Checkmate in just one move playing with White pieces
In this diagram you have to Checkmate in one move with White pieces.
Be careful because there are ONLY ONE solution.

And that's all for now remember to write me (much better by email) because that naughty COVID_19 doesn't let me to have easy access to the mobile.

lunes, 16 de marzo de 2020

All the activities all the seasons

Together we will overcome this emergency and we will emerge stronger. Cheer up!

During these days we are inviting all of you to be entertained and learn new things: watch this video (It's in Spanish by profesora Tecla) by clicking here.

Now I'm posting all our activities sequenced by seasons and terms, you can send me whichever and whenever, it doesn't matter the order.

Every activity has one or two challenges, usually the first one is the easiest and the second one is a little more advanced. 

If you are not too confident with your English it doesn't matter you can ask for help to me, your parents or any translator online (select and copy the text and then translate into your language).

You can participate:

  • by whatsapp  682336170 this number is shared with some more profesores from Explora Project so I will be a little slower to respond.

Season 3 Course 2019-20

Season 2 Course 2018-19

Season 1 Course 2017-18

jueves, 12 de marzo de 2020

10th Activity 3rd season PIECES VALUE

Hello everybody this is Profesor Jake and we are going to review the value of the Chess pieces.

Download here the pdf

or continue reading:

REMEMBER you can participate sending to me the challenges #1, #2 or #3 

mi茅rcoles, 26 de febrero de 2020

9th Activity Let's learn how to castle

Hi everybody here we are again with a new activity: CASTLING

 You can watch the video and then read the document by clicking HERE


You have to tell me why in these diagrams the rules of castling have been broken:

On one of these similar diagrams Black should castle and on the other should NOT. Can you guess which?

Send me your solutions and I will try to help you.
Remember Whatsapp, Twitter, e-mail...

lunes, 10 de febrero de 2020

8th Activity Happy Valentine's day 馃挅

Since the time of Geoffrey Chaucer, in the fourteenth century, on February 14, Valentine's Day, it has been associated with romantic love, with flowers and chocolates, and with letters (in some cases anonymous) loving. Our blog wants to honour this poet with a romantic move into a chess piece.

This is the so called "Kiss of Death" CheckMate馃槺

Download the story here

...or continue reading:

Now the challenges:

 Find the move to the White Queen to Give the Black King the "Kiss of Death"

 Find the move of one of the Queens giving the "Kiss of Death" to her opponent King. in the next diagram:

mi茅rcoles, 29 de enero de 2020

7th Activity The Knight and an old problem

Hi everyone

Here we are again with a new couple of activities and some curiosities

After the failure of the last activity, we returned to, first ask for apologies because as I have been able to check, and consult that was due to updates (especially in the "Andrioid" version).

The second is to present the brand new activity: the seventh. We have already worked on the Knight, now it is time to discover new tips about this great piece.

Download the pdf here, or continue reading (the challenges are on the second page).

See you soon and don't forget to send me your comments, questions, suggestions... bye for now.

mi茅rcoles, 15 de enero de 2020

6th Activity Let's play Solitaire

Here we are again with the first Post of the year, 2020.

2020 sounds well

Sounds such an olympic year, a leap year with one more day to enjoy.

As usual I have been playing my favourite game and searching for new challenges in this infinite world of Chess.

I have a new game for all of my friends of Explora:

It is called "Solitaire Chess" and it's got a free part very interesting.

For this game we need to know the move of the pieces because you need to wipe out all the pieces of the "mini" chess board.

I am going to show you how to download it and then you can do it.

First go to your mobile phone in the "playstore" if you have "Android" 
"AppStore" if you have "IOS"

Then download "Amazon appstore" 

Once you hace this app search for "Solitaire Chess Free"

The part free is important, a paid version is also available but for starting this is enough.

Now you can download it and start the game.There are 4 levels of difficulty: easy, medium, hard and espert. You must use your pieces to capture all of them using the moves of the pieces of Chess.

I will show you an example watch this video and then read the challenge for these weeks.

Challenge#1 send me a screenshot of your game "Solitaire Chess"
Challenge#2 send me your opinions or comments about the game.

The 11th During the Enclosure

Hi everybody This is our wish from all our friends and collaborators at the Explora Project: This has been a completely mess but we&#...