How to participate

How to participate?

How does this blog work?
We propose easy challenges to enjoy Chess and English.

Who can participate?
Every single student, in the Comunidad Educativa de la Rioja, who wants.

What to do?
Every 2 weeks on Thursday “Profesor Jake” will upload a video, a challenge, an activity... From that day you have 2 weeks to carry it out. The due date will be the second Thursday at 14:00h. It depends on the activity a feed back will be required, a photo, video… You have to send me back.

Where to send it?
By e-mail with a NICK NAME and don’t forget to send me your name, surname, your school and course.
You can also send me your solution by whatsapp 682336170. With the same instructions (NICKNAME, surname, school and course).

NOW we are on Twitter:

 Profesor Jake @ProfesorJake

When all the answers had been sent I will upload them in the blog (label “Participation”), with all the answers or at least those who had participated.

Here you are your participation.

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