Some hints just in case you cannot think of anything.

In this section we are going to guess how to solve most of the problems you can find in the activities.

  • First of all, try to do it relaxed, this is not a competition. Just in case you are not relaxed or blocked shut the page and try later.
  • Secondly try to do the difficult activities with a peer, classmate, friend, or relative (Sometimes two minds think better).
  • Thirdly you do not have to do all the activities or in the order I post them. You can do them whenever you are ready or have enough time. Just send them to me with your name, course, school and nickname indicating the number of activity you have solved.
  • Finally write to me if you have any question suggestion, ideas etc... I am available at the mail, or twitter several times a week and at the WhatsApp once or twice a week. I'll try to solve and answer you as soon as possible.
The workshop is like this:

·         First I post a challenge for beginners trying to explain a rule, a characteristic of our favourite game just to familiarize with it. I do know you are young players so let’s start with something easy and funny.

·         Then I post another challenge for a primary school learner, but this occasion for those of you that know how to play Chess or even those who attend to Chess classes.

Once you have the solution, or solutions you can send them back to me via WhatsApp, Twitter or mail.


Send me your solutions and doubts, it does not matter if there are mistakes (we are here to learn together, I am going to be wrong sometimes too).

Send me your solutions whenever, I mean I know that you have many other things to do and sometimes you have no time to play chess or to participate every two weeks but… You can participate in the activity you prefer just send me with your data the number of activity and I will count it.

Last advice ENJOY. The main idea is to enjoy of this workshop, don’t get angry, just relax and be happy with Chess and English.

MFQ (Most Frequent Questions):

  • ·  “My English is not very good”: don’t worry try to do your best. Translators on line can help.

  • ·       “I don’t have an e-mail account or WhatsApp or Twitter”: Ask for help to your teacher, he can tell it to the teacher in charge at your School of the “Explora Project”. She/he can send it to me easily.

  • ·    “I don’t know when is the activity posted”: Every 2 weeks I post a couple of new challenges and at the same time the solution of the previous one.

  • ·  “…”: Any question, just send I to me… Thanks for contributing  to improve our blog.


Online translators: wordreference, google translator
Chess pages: Escuela deajedrez, Chessbase (in English and Spanish), Chess for kids

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