jueves, 26 de septiembre de 2019

Welcome back

Next activity will be the first of our third season.

I'd like to thank to everyone who is involved in this project and those interested in taking advantage of our favourite game in the schools. We still think there are many advantages in applying it in the classroom.

This season we have some novelties as our new character "lug" and to recycle all activities in the idea of let you to solve or to enjoy with activities that were created long time ago (We are 6 years old already) and maybe you were not in Primary education or not involved with this project.

We are going to start with some activities, as usual one for beginners and the other for a little more advanced level.

Now it is time for waiting just a few days to start over new

Here you are the LAST ONE

Hello let's watch this video first: This is the last activity, finally we reached the END of this strange course 2019-20 A...