miércoles, 21 de noviembre de 2018

4th Activity How about the Bishop?

Hi everyone, today we are going to learn some interesting facts about the BISHOP.

As any other class we are going to learn about theory
OK Don’t worry I’ll do it short.

The word "bishop" comes from the Arabic الفيل (al-fil = the elephant) and this from the Persian pil (elephant), because this piece of chess originally represented the forces of these pachyderms in an army. Then the Arabs took the game to Spain (pre-Spain) where stayed for 700 years, shortly before the first crusade.

Because of the exoticness of the elephants, in Europe they were changed to bishops, who at that time used to accompany the king in battles. In Spanish the Arabic name was kept, but in English it is called "bishop", "bishop". This is also why the bishop is shaped like a miter.

How is Bishop in other languages:

In French it is called “fou”, as mad, crazy.
In Italian alfiere
In German Läufer
In Russian: епископ (yepiscop) that refers to a religious chief.
In Portuguese: Bispo
In Spanish: Alfil

So there are two ways of naming this piece: the religious one related to the symbol: the mitre (like a pointy hat that are used in some religions for their chiefs) and the ancient word of an elephant.

Here you are an image of an ancient "bishop":

Well now it's time for a little fun, you can remember how our piece works on a Chessboard by watching this presentation click on the next image:


Challenge number 1:

I am sure you can get the checkmate with the white pieces putting on practice what you learnt about the bishop.

Challenge number 2:

Try to find how white pieces can give CHECKMATE in just one move. The hint is our piece of the week.


See you soon and Comments are apreciated.

miércoles, 7 de noviembre de 2018

3rd Activity Let's be creative

Hi there, some people have suggested to post an activity in order to show how creative you are.

IE IE Crew!!! Always pleased to accept all your suggestions and ideas.

Let's BE creative then.

I had an idea of painting a huge CHESSBOARD in a school:

Then we need some chess pieces and there you are this week first activity:

Watch this video

It is shown how to make a Knight.

 I am sure you can do it better or at less more creative. Of course it has not to be so big, it is big because the chessboard is that size but you can do it for playing at home with a regular chessboard.

Send me your pics, works, videos showing how you do a Knight (or any other piece) using your imagination.

REMEMBER it is not necessary so BIG but I rather prefer don't tell you anything else and wait for your answers.

The second activity is to play with the Knight

I mean to practise how it moves.

If you need a refreshing because you do not remember it very well I recomend you to click on this link

It is not so difficult but you have to capture the 9 pawns in 9 moves... Or 10 or 11 I do not remember yet.

Can you tell me how? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE

Here you are the LAST ONE

Hello let's watch this video first: This is the last activity, finally we reached the END of this strange course 2019-20 A...