miércoles, 17 de octubre de 2018

The Rook

Hi there,

Right here with another couple of challenges, one for beginners and the other for those who know how to play this game a little bit more.

First of all I have posted a video explaining interesting facts about the ROOK, one of the most important pieces. It is very easy to move and I think is a good way to learn Chess.

Did you like it? If there is any doubt, just make me know it or check on the label “TheClass”, where there is some information about the pieces.

The first challenge is to find out How many moves are needed to capture all the black pawns. Can you guess it trying to make the less possible moves? Send me your solutions and I’ll be delighted.

For the second challenge you have to think a little bit more: you play with white pieces and get the “CHECKMATE” in just two moves. Remember the black ones have to make a move… but it will be one move you force him/her to do.

Ready steady GO…

Remember your solutions via mail:
via Twitter @ProfesorJake
via WhatsApp 682 33 61 70

miércoles, 3 de octubre de 2018

The first of the Second Season Crosswords

Hi every one

It was such a long time without seeing you

Here we are again with new activities, new WhatsApp number and lots of fun.

As usual there are two activities every two weeks

One for beginners and the other one for those who already have notions of how to play chess

you can participate whenever you want and in as many activities as you consider

I will try to answer every single message, WhatsApp, twitter, mail...

and I'll mark your participation on the table where you can check it out in your school and with your nick

every two weeks I will post the solutions, my solutions and my favourite, I mean, your solutions.

Now we start with the first activity of the second season:

For this activity I DO recommend you to have a look on the blog and its different labels: “The Class” where you can find out How to play chess, the rules, the pieces and their moves etc…

There you are a link where you have to solve the crossword.

Send me a picture, an e-mail or a message with the solutions. It is not hard and it can be a way to start with your English vocabulary related with our favourite game. GOOD LUCK

The second activity is another link to a game where you have to relate the tiles with their names. In this case I have the same recommendation: have a look on the label “The Class” and it is not very difficult although the terms are specially thought for students that usually play chess.

CLICK HERE to play tiles

I hope you enjoy the activities and don’t forget to send me as many comments and suggestions as you need.
See you soon.
Profesor Jake.

Here you are the LAST ONE

Hello let's watch this video first: This is the last activity, finally we reached the END of this strange course 2019-20 A...