miércoles, 25 de abril de 2018

12th Activity A.N. and let's play some chess

Here we are again with a couple of activities

As usual one for beginners and the other a little bit more complicated, although every week I am delighted with your accuracy and good level.

Let's start with the easiest but you can try both

I promise to answer according to my possibilities.

We should know that it is very important to write down the moves we make with our pieces and try to do the same with the pieces of our opponent:

Algebraic notation (or A.N.) (o “Sistema algebraico” in Spanish) is a method for recording and describing the moves in a game.

We use a system of coordinates to uniquely identify every single square On the CHESSBOARD

Algebraic notation exists in most of the language and is based on a system developed by PhilippStamma (very interesting person form the beginning of the C: XVII. He used the coordinates letter (lower case-minúscula) from a-h (the 8 columns and following by the numbers from 1-8 the 8 lines.

For instance a1 is the black square where the white Rook is placed

Then the pieces are named with the first letter of their name.
p (0) for Pawn
R for Rook
N for Knight (K is for the King, the most valuable piece)

B for Bishop
Q for the Queen
K for the King

In Spanish and other languages there are different initials because of the name of the pieces:

P or (0) for the Peón
T for the torre
C for the Caballo
A for the Álfil
D for the Dama
R for the Rey


Can you send me the A.N. (Algebraic Notation) for this imaginary Game.

I know you can be very creative and you can send me your solution in a video, message, song...

Let’s go with the second challenge.

Here you are a Chess Game:

In this challenge we have to check mate with the white pieces
There are a couple of hints:
You can get it in just two moves.
Our Knight is the main character of the action.

First we have to think about that the Knight is protected by the Bishop e4
Have you noticed the bishop is in front of the blck K...?

miércoles, 11 de abril de 2018

11th Activity Openings

Welcome back after the Easter holidays

I had a great time and I played chess very often.

After this vacation time I think it is time to start with some tactic.


Of course the OPENING

This activity is going to deal with this
As you know the very first moves we can make are very important in the development of the game.

So first we are going to think about the FIRST activity, for beginners:

Can you send me How many possible openings are there if you start the game (obviously with white pieces) ?

Here you are a HINT: Remember every Pawn can move either 1 or 2 squares forward.
(Send me some videos, pictures, e-mails. Whatever you want,  because you are really creative.

After thinking about the challenge we can watch the video I want to teach you an opening for starting with a tactic, The idea is to receive your comments how this tactic worked when you play Chess against anyone who dare to accept your challenge:

Watch this video (I posted the subtitles in English and Spanish for helping).

Here you are the LAST ONE

Hello let's watch this video first: This is the last activity, finally we reached the END of this strange course 2019-20 A...