miércoles, 15 de enero de 2020

6th Activity Let's play Solitaire

Here we are again with the first Post of the year, 2020.

2020 sounds well

Sounds such an olympic year, a leap year with one more day to enjoy.

As usual I have been playing my favourite game and searching for new challenges in this infinite world of Chess.

I have a new game for all of my friends of Explora:

It is called "Solitaire Chess" and it's got a free part very interesting.

For this game we need to know the move of the pieces because you need to wipe out all the pieces of the "mini" chess board.

I am going to show you how to download it and then you can do it.

First go to your mobile phone in the "playstore" if you have "Android" 
"AppStore" if you have "IOS"

Then download "Amazon appstore" 

Once you hace this app search for "Solitaire Chess Free"

The part free is important, a paid version is also available but for starting this is enough.

Now you can download it and start the game.There are 4 levels of difficulty: easy, medium, hard and espert. You must use your pieces to capture all of them using the moves of the pieces of Chess.

I will show you an example watch this video and then read the challenge for these weeks.

Challenge#1 send me a screenshot of your game "Solitaire Chess"
Challenge#2 send me your opinions or comments about the game.

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