jueves, 9 de mayo de 2019

MIstakes are good

As many times as you try something, the right one is always the last one.

SO please馃檹

Don’t give up! And try it one more time.
Quite often we think a mistake is something really bad we have to avoid and regret and forget.
Right the opposite

Mistakes are good and they can be even more useful than those RIGHT decisions, answers…

All we have those moments UPS!! I did it wrong
All chess players have made hundreds of mistakes (we are not computers fortunately) and suffered lots of losses on our way to improve our game.
Instead of throwing away that mistakes and getting angry, take up the challenge and learn from EVERY game you play (wins and losses).

As a teacher and Chess Coach I have search for help and I found a list of useful ways for every individual student to deal with her/his games, even in tournaments. In this activity my good friend “Profesora Feli” has helped me a lot:

5 tips to learn from your mistakes

1.   Ⅰ Attitude: be positive before, during and after the tournament (game or even life). It is easy to be happy about those wins, but focus on embracing (ACCEPT) those loses as lessons that will teach you on your road to improvement.
      Ⅱ Quick notes: after a hard loss, write down some quick notes on a piece of paper telling “what were you thinking about during the game, why do you think you lose the game, and the biggest mistake you think you committed.
       Review: once a little time has passed and have had time to reflect try to repeat the game in order to maximize your learning and reinforce your analysis skills (try to do it in a chessboard not on your computer.
4.     Coach: try to ask another friend, teacher, relative… The idea is to find out another perspective from other point of view.
5.     Move on: don’t punish too much yourself. Once you have learned and what your mistakes were move on.

NOW It is time for your answers and (why not) mistakes in

 these Challenges.

In these activities you can send me the solution with these two exercises (not very difficult) you can find Checkmate in just one move (each).

Challenge #1

Let's go with the first one
In this fist exercise you can notice there is a pawn protecting its King... but if you pay attention that pawn 

Challenge #2

... and the second one:
This exercise shows us how to play with our Bishops. Think it diagonally... move them  in order to find out the checkmate in one move.

As usual you don't have to answer all of them if anyone is too difficult, just try and enjoy.

I will give the solutions as soon as the next activity is posted and you can participate by e-mail (explorajake@gmail.com), twitter (@ProfesorJake) or whatsapp (682336170)

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