jueves, 28 de marzo de 2019

Double Attack

Hello everybody

This is Profesor Jake and welcome everyone to your favourite post.

This time we are going to explain the Double Threat.

If you leave this blog you are going to lose all your games.

If you leave this blog you are going to be boring
This is a double threat.

There are three typical cases where double threats take place.

We are going to review them and then you can solve the challenges bellow.

Watch next video and then you can solve the Challenges

Challenge 1
Find how to make a Pawn Fork with White pieces.
Which pieces can your Pawn capture?
What was the mistake from the Black pieces?

Challenge 2
Where has to move the White Knight in order to play a Double Attack?
Which pieces can capture that Knight?

Challenge 3
You play with black pieces...
How can you capture the white Bishop without any risk for your pieces?

Remember you can send your answers to me and I will correct them as soon as possible

You don't have to answer all of them if anyone is too difficult, just try and enjoy.

I will give the solutions as soon as the next activity is posted and you can participate by e-mail (explorajake@gmail.com), twitter (@ProfesorJake) or whatsapp (682336170)

I wait for you

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