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9th The Pawns Those "Little Guys"

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These weeks we are going to work on...

Those little guys.

We want to demystify the pawns. You get eight of these small but tricky guys so you'd better use them well!

Their name means something related to farmers, to workmen, and despite their little moves, and their little power, there are 8 of them so their power comes when they work together.

As all we know pawns move one by one each turn (except at the beginning they can move 2 squares at a time).
Just a little extra data: this 2 moves at the beginning, only from lines 2 (for white pawns) and 7 (for the black ones) comes from the beginning of the modern Chess and from the country that spread Chess all around the world: Spain. Yes my friends the country that introduced chess in Europe, and therefore popularized and universalized.

Quite often we do not value the good things that have been done in this country.

The only different move they can do is when they capture other piece, they capture one square diagonally.

But their most common position is to be stuck. When any piece of their team or not is in front of them they cannot move anymore, till their way is free.
Pawns can never go backwards.

Promotion: pawns are the only piece can promote when reaching the opposite line 1 (for black pawns) or 8 (for white ones). He can become into a Queen, a Knight, a Bishop or a Rook, never into a King.

When promoting the pawn moves one square forward, not like capturing. That is that the front square has to be empty.


Too much theory?

Ok Let's go ahead with the CHALLENGES:

Last week challenge was a little hard cause the pronunciation of our friend in New York City at the Marshal Chess Club was in a strong American accent; so this time there are extra challenges and you can participate in as many as you wish, remember be creative, draw, paint, use a smartphone, a tablet, a computer, laptop... or any means you prefer.

#1) The white  king is almost in checkmate, but in this case a black pawn is missing. Can you draw, put or whatever it?
I'm sure you can ;)

#2) The white  king is almost in stalemate (a draw as we know), but if you add somewhere a black pawn... Can you draw one to solve this problem?
one more?

#3) The white  king is almost in checkmate, but a black pawn is missing. Can you draw, put or whatever it?
still one more???

#4) Let's go with the last one. For it I give you a tip: if a King stands to the side of its pawns, it can protect it as it moves towards PROMOTION.
To answer this challenge you have to move one of the white pieces in order to get the PROMOTION of the white Pawn. So... Which is the next move for the whites?

SEE YOU SOON and don't forget to tell your friends.

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