miércoles, 27 de febrero de 2019

I love NYC

Hi there

this is a special present to all those who follow this blog.

let's watch this video:

A few days ago we had the opportunity of visiting the Marshall Chess Club.

Grandmaster Frank J. Marshall, from New York, founded this historic chess club in 1915. The Marshall Chess Club.
Grand Masters, World Champions and many personalities from the world of Chess come to this legendary place.

You can find pictures of the history of Chess, there is Chess from the very first moment.

I wanted to give a surprise to all members of this modest club Explora Jake and at the same time to thank the assistant who so kindly accompanied us and showed his club.

The challenge has to do with the video so watch it again, make your comments and play with the next LINK

It is from the page "educaplay". Once you have played you can send me an image by the traditional means with your results

I only want you to enjoy as I did.

See you soon

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