jueves, 14 de febrero de 2019

Happy Valentine's Day

Hi there; today's challenges have to do with the Rooks.

For personal reasons I cannot be challenging you as usual, I'm trying to answer your questions and giving your feed back as long as I can, so take it easy I am still hands on.

The challenges of this week are dedicated to a new friend of us, a very special friend from far far away, I cannot tell you more it is going to be a surprise.

But at the same time I am very nervous because it is going to be a great responsibility, he is a really good chess player and he knows tons of things about our favourite game.

Challenge 1:

Rooks work well as a team.

A double challenge; place the Rooks in the next chess boards:

You have to place a ROOK in order to "check mate" the black King in the second puzzle there are two possible solutions send them back to me.

Challenge 2:

The second Challenge is also related to Rook Positions.
Which player has the better positioned Rooks on this board?

Send me the solution (Black or White) but try to make an effort and explain us the answer.

I am preparing a video with a surprise but... technical reasons don't let me show you a very, VERY special work.

May you wait one more week? please...

See you Soon pals.

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