miércoles, 17 de octubre de 2018

The Rook

Hi there,

Right here with another couple of challenges, one for beginners and the other for those who know how to play this game a little bit more.

First of all I have posted a video explaining interesting facts about the ROOK, one of the most important pieces. It is very easy to move and I think is a good way to learn Chess.

Did you like it? If there is any doubt, just make me know it or check on the label “TheClass”, where there is some information about the pieces.

The first challenge is to find out How many moves are needed to capture all the black pawns. Can you guess it trying to make the less possible moves? Send me your solutions and I’ll be delighted.

For the second challenge you have to think a little bit more: you play with white pieces and get the “CHECKMATE” in just two moves. Remember the black ones have to make a move… but it will be one move you force him/her to do.

Ready steady GO…

Remember your solutions via mail:
via Twitter @ProfesorJake
via WhatsApp 682 33 61 70

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