miércoles, 23 de mayo de 2018

14th The last one

Let’s go with the last one.

It’s been a wonderful year, I have learnt a lot and I do hope you too.

The last activity

I want to thank everyone of the participants, parents and teachers. Your feedback has been simply amazing.

That is the aim of this final activity:

I want to receive pictures, drawings, videos… related to CHESSGAMES.

I mean all the chess games you think can be original, curious, odd.

  • Because of the materials they are made of
  • Because the place where you found it
  • Because of the size
  • Because they are strange.

In short I want all of you participate and collaborate with this easy and simple activity.

I am going to post some of them but I rather prefer your contributions.

For instance, Cascanueces and Pepaiti (Logroño – Jesuítas) found a curios chess game in London (UK)

This chess game is made out of onyx and it is from Mexico Thanks to Tomás and Jeanette for this wonderful present.

I found this chess game in a purse. It is a small portable magnetic chessgame:

There are many other examples:

Now it is your turn.

One more challenge before ending:

Try to solve this challenge and send me your solutions during the next two weeks, or just think about it during your vacations

White pieces play and win in two moves:
The hint there is a lethal combination when a Bishop and a Knight put their strength together.

See you soon

Profesor Jake

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