miércoles, 11 de abril de 2018

11th Activity Openings

Welcome back after the Easter holidays

I had a great time and I played chess very often.

After this vacation time I think it is time to start with some tactic.


Of course the OPENING

This activity is going to deal with this
As you know the very first moves we can make are very important in the development of the game.

So first we are going to think about the FIRST activity, for beginners:

Can you send me How many possible openings are there if you start the game (obviously with white pieces) ?

Here you are a HINT: Remember every Pawn can move either 1 or 2 squares forward.
(Send me some videos, pictures, e-mails. Whatever you want,  because you are really creative.

After thinking about the challenge we can watch the video I want to teach you an opening for starting with a tactic, The idea is to receive your comments how this tactic worked when you play Chess against anyone who dare to accept your challenge:

Watch this video (I posted the subtitles in English and Spanish for helping).

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