jueves, 8 de febrero de 2018

the eight

Welcome back to a new week full of funny activities.

This time we are going to have a break with app’s and web pages although they can be very useful to send me your solutions, I see there are really creative EXPLORERS.

This week I have three different challenges:

The first one is for beginners although you do know Chess can be played by anyone. It is a question of practice.

White pieces give check mate in just one move:

The second one looks a little bit harder but that is because there are many pieces on the chessboard, but think about it.

In this case black pieces give check mate in one move

And the last challenge can be difficult, so I can help you with a hint. First try it without the hint white pieces can give check mate in two moves:

Here it comes the hint. Remember the you can force the black pieces to move pieces without any option... And a second hint, and the most important, you can sacrifice the Queen in order to win the game.

Tell me your experience practicing with chess and enjoy playing

See you soon.

I'll be waiting for your videos, comments suggestions...
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