mi茅rcoles, 13 de mayo de 2020

The 13th Why don't we try a new Crossword

Hello again from Phase I

Personally I don't feel any different, but fortunately I am OK and so my family is so all I want now is that all of you are OK too

Some participants have told me that you have a lot of homework and you can't participate very often in the workshop馃槶

Well you know Homework first and then CHESS but I will try to do easy, quick and exciting activities.
Today we are going to practice some English. I proposed a similar activity more than a year ago but this time it is a traditional CROSSWORD 

Here you are the definitions:


3.- She is the lady, but she is powerful

5.- A big elephant turned into a priest
6.- A heavy and powerful castle.


1.- Humble and weak little soldier

2.- The battle field
4.- Take care of him or everything ends
7.- It rides a crazy, jumping horse

Now a challenge for Chess players, why don't try to solve a CHECKMATE in this diagram:
White moves and wins
HINT: a pawn can be very useful many many times

You can participate in both activities or just one, it is your option but remember I love to know your comments, opinions suggestions...

See you soon with the last one and a big final SURPRISE 馃槝

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