jueves, 26 de marzo de 2020

The 11th During the Enclosure

Hi everybody
This is our wish from all our friends and collaborators at the Explora Project:

This has been a completely mess but we're stronger enough to get along with it

In this Activity we were thinking about saying you see you after easter holidays but... sadly we don't know what's going to happen.

In the meanwhile I am going to suggest you a wide range of activities and some learning and entertainment.

First of all my good friend Eva S谩nchez saw my story about the "Kiss of Death" (Remember Activity 8th) and she made another version. I liked it a lot, you will tell me whats do you think. (It is in Spanish, Eva draws like an angel but she doesn't speak English)馃槣

More things, a teacher from Logro帽o (Agustinas) posted a map of all the activities in Explora with its map, thank you Julen Vazquez (press here) to see it.

And the Challenges for these weeks are:

Challenge #1 Have you seen the story, the previous one in English has been created for explaining a Checkmate very common but my friend Eva... This challenge has been inspired by my good friend Profesora Feli:
Change the story
All we live in a very strange situation, the story was a little sad so... Why don't you write something, English or Spanish to change the story, or the situation.
Be creative
And send it to me, the best will be posted on the blog and I'll ask Eva if she is inspired to draw something magic, as she usually does (I cannot promise anything but I'll try)

Challenge #2 I don't forget that this is about Chess, I do love Chess and I know you too so there you are a couple of diagrams to solve.
 In this diagram you have to Checkmate in just one move playing with White pieces
In this diagram you have to Checkmate in one move with White pieces.
Be careful because there is ONLY ONE solution.

And that's all for now remember to write me (much better by email) because that naughty COVID_19 doesn't let me to have easy access to the mobile.

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