lunes, 16 de marzo de 2020

All the activities all the seasons

Together we will overcome this emergency and we will emerge stronger. Cheer up!

During these days we are inviting all of you to be entertained and learn new things: watch this video (It's in Spanish by profesora Tecla) by clicking here.

Now I'm posting all our activities sequenced by seasons and terms, you can send me whichever and whenever, it doesn't matter the order.

Every activity has one or two challenges, usually the first one is the easiest and the second one is a little more advanced. 

If you are not too confident with your English it doesn't matter you can ask for help to me, your parents or any translator online (select and copy the text and then translate into your language).

You can participate:

  • by whatsapp  682336170 this number is shared with some more profesores from Explora Project so I will be a little slower to respond.

Season 3 Course 2019-20

Season 2 Course 2018-19

Season 1 Course 2017-18

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